Frippet&Squires is currently operated from our family home in Whalley, at the heart of the beautiful Ribble Valley in Lancashire, we believe that a home should be both a sanctuary and an inspiration so we are ardent in our desire to provide something a bit more unusual and unexpected, to help you make your home just that.



We love to shop! At auctions, dealers, reclamation yards, antique and vintage sales, in search of that beautiful something that catches our eye. Everything we buy, we love, and that's both a blessing and a curse, how can you ever let go of that amazing picture or interesting piece of furniture? Thankfully this opportunity fuels our obsession to continue seeking out items, unique and enchanting and pass them onto others so they too, can create their own original interiors.



Bringing history back to life is important to us and so from time-to-time you may find some pieces that aren't quite perfect. Often, that's why we procure them.

We love kitchen products but we can't cook, we appreciate art but we're not aficionados, but that isn't the point, we do know how to help you make that small nook or the largest room look amazing, it's what makes us happy and it's the essence of who we are!



Let us know if you are looking for something special, we'd love to help you find it, or indeed if you have something interesting you think we might want to take a look at, drop us a line.



Jayne (aka Frippet) & Peter.